Buddy and Tilly go hunting!!

Hi Guys,

Well today turned out to be very different to what I planned and didn’t manage to get much done in the poly tunnel.  Instead I helped my hubby to put up some fence posts and netting up to protect some young trees and bushes which we planted recently around the perimeter of our land.

Buddy and Tilly, my furry little garden helpers were also out and about on the land doing what they do best….hunting out little rodents, so their butts are usually the only thing you see….either running past you on the  scent of something or down a hole.  Whilst cleaning out the Hen house and taking the bedding to the compost heap I suddenly stopped…..and squealed in horror as i saw this dead furry creature lying in front of me.  It was very long in the body and looked quite young.  I was wondering earlier why the two dogs came running back to me looking very pleased with themselves……I did mention it to my hubby and we decided they must have caught something and were looking for praise.

After looking at this little creature for a few minutes we decided it was a young mink……not a very nice animal to have around…..especially as we had 6 of our hens killed by one a few years ago…..So well done Buddy and Tilly 😉

Buddy The Brave
Here is my little hunter buddy with his ‘catch of the day’

3 thoughts on “Buddy and Tilly go hunting!!

  1. Not that clear from the picture but I’m reasonably sure it’s a stoat not a mink. Full grown and very capable of taking rabbits and young ground nesting birds as well as having a liking for eggs I believe.


    1. Hi Andy…you might be right….we thought it was a stoat to start with but the tail is a lot more like a minks. Oh well whatever it was….it is no more. Thanks for your comment.


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