‘Crazy’ Weather!!

Hi Guys

Just a quickie…… haven’t forgotten you.

(Cartoon from ‘Only In Ireland’ FB Page)

As you all know the weather is ‘Crazy’ for this time of year….in fact its crazy for any time of year especially here in the southwest of Ireland where we really do get all four seasons in 1 day.

Due to this on, off, wet, dry, windy, sunny, hail, snow (only kidding) weather it has been a little difficult to really get stuck into the gardening.  I have managed however, to do a little bit of harvesting of the Cauliflowers, cabbages and purple broccoli.  Some of which I have managed to blanch and freeze to keep nice and fresh and hold on to those all important vitamins which deplete very fast if not cooked or preserved quickly after harvest.

Today I am hoping (as the wind and rain races past my window) to get some tomatoes into the ground and do a little video so that you will all know what to do to get some delicious tomatoes in a few weeks….. that’s if we are ‘blessed’ with some sunshine which is a necessity for ripening tomatoes.

So stay tuned and I will ‘upload’ a video and a detailed blog on how to plant your tomatoes into their final planting position, whether in a tunnel or greenhouse, in the ground, raised border in container.



5 thoughts on “‘Crazy’ Weather!!

  1. Looking forward to the video – picked my purple sprouting today for our meal this evening, and the radishes for lunch today. Really poor germination on them this year, which is very unusual.


  2. Wow, that cartoon could be captioned with “Only in The Inland Northwest” That’s in Spokane, Washington in the U.S. Our springs can be pretty much run the whole gamut in one day. Do you garden only in your greenhouse?


    1. Hi there. Its amazing how mad the weather is all over the world. I have 2 large poly tunnels where I grow most of my produce but also grow in containers and planters outside. I have experimented over the years growing the same veg in and out…..there is no comparison…..the tunnel veg wins everytime!!

      Thank you for following



  3. You’re doing a great job on your blog these first few months, it’s a wonderful resource and enjoyable reading (good videos, too). I live in a city (Seattle) in the United States where the “locavore” movement has exploded in popularity so I’m already used to our neighbors raising everything from chickens to tomatoes. We’ve been slow to join the fray- this year is our first growing some of our own food, although I’m sure you’d scoff (understandably so) if you saw the size of our tiny plot. It has been fascinating, however, and a good learning experience for my five year old son who has taken a certain degree of ownership over our raised bed. Okay, who am I kidding? It has been a good learning experience for me, so far! And I have a lot to learn, although as a child I did spend hours and hours in the family garden and so acquired a seemingly innate love of digging in the ground. And I’ve been going hog wild on the rest of our garden the past few years. I’ll follow your blog with interest……


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