How To Grow Tomatoes – Part 3 Video

Hi Guys

At last…..I hear you cry!!  I can tell you I was nearly crying trying to do this video….well trying to upload it to You Tube……as I said earlier i had a few technical problems…..but here it is:-

Hope you enjoy watching this video and I promise that I will do some ‘blurb’ on my blog tomorrow…..and photos on this subject.

I didn’t manage to get anymore tomatoes in today as I had a few……well a lot of onions and leeks to transplant as they were getting very crammed in their seed trays….So I transplanted them into cell trays as they….and indeed I are not quite ready to put them into their final planting position.

As I was up so late last night getting very frustrated with the computer I am going to try and get to bed a little earlier tonight and tomorrow…..well lets see what……THE WEATHER brings…..then we will know what we can do!

Good Night



2 thoughts on “How To Grow Tomatoes – Part 3 Video

    1. Hi there. I think a lot of people question how much to water their tomato plants. I have made mistakes over the years and still sometimes get the odd problem such as blossom end rot or split tomatoes which is usually caused by infrequent watering…..letting it get too dry and then maybe too wet.

      The best way to know if your tomatoes need water or not is to check the top inch or two of the soil around it and see how wet it is. Sometimes it looks dry on top but is actually wet enough underneath. Over watering is as bad if not worse than under watering. Over watering can cause blight and also split fruits.

      Hope this helps and thank you for following.


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