How To Grow Tomatoes Part 3

Hi Guys
I have finally managed to plant some (100!) tomatoes into the poly tunnel now that I have new planters….still waiting to change over the old cover though but that’s for another day…..most important thing now is to get the tomatoes in.
As we have had a couple of good days of weather  I have also managed to do a video which will show you a step by step guide on how to plant your toms into their final planting position.  I have had a few technical problems with my upload but hopefully it will be up there on you tube today.
I will be putting a detailed guide here on my blog later on today so you will be able to read all the ‘dos and donts’ of growing tomatoes along with some pics of problems that can happen (even to me!!). This is my way of growing tomatoes and have always had great success….and so will you if you follow my simple instructions.
Must go now and plant up the rest of my toms and maybe get a few basket tomatoes in too!!

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