Why Grow Your Own Tomatoes


There is nothing nicer than growing your own vegetables and fruit but there is one particular vegetable…..well actually it is a fruit,that tastes better than anything you can buy in the supermarket……THE TOMATO!

Have you ever tasted a home-grown tomato? They are juicy, RIPE, tasty and VERY different from shop bought tomatoes….but why you ask…Well here are a few reasons why ‘GROWING YOUR OWN’ is better in every way:-

Shop bought tomatoes are usually picked when they are still green or maybe just a little red, treated with pesticides and chemicals to stop them from rotting so when they are in transit they will ripen slower and then they will be red and ready to eat when you buy them (even then they look very pale).  The longer the tomatoes are on the plant the more natural sugars form in the tomato making it sweeter but as they are picked before they are ready they usually are still quite acidic and taste bland with little or no flavour.

As the shop bought tomatoes are picked days or even weeks before they reach the shelves in the super market they start to lose their nutrients and the vitamin C level will be much lower especially as they are picked before they are ripe.

Home grown tomatoes have over 50% more vitamin C and over double the antioxidant levels which help fight diseases such as cancer.

What more do you need! So lets get growing those yummy toms!!!


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