Killurley Rockery

Hi Guys

Well it was a busy day again yesterday in the garden……but not in the tunnels.  As mentioned in a previous blog….we have a rather large garden which mainly consists of………..ROCKS!!! The reason for this is we built our house at the bottom of a beautiful mountain  The only problem with this is there are more rocks than we know what to do with.  I remember when we lived in the UK buying rocks for a water feature and it costing £5 for a couple of small ones….maybe I should start a business!

Anyway the site that our home was built on was at the bottom of this beautiful mountainside but it took a lot of rock breaking to make  a suitable place to build….but it was worth it.  We now have our home on a couple of acres of land which we have made our garden, rockery and vegetable garden (poly tunnel alley!).

We have lived here for a few years now and have concentrated more on the poly tunnels and growing our own veg than making a garden……but there does come a time when you cannot look at the Gorse, weeds and wild grasses any longer!!

Killurley Rockery
This is just a small piece of the wild garden that I decided to tackle!

So I set to it…..OMG…..I didn’t realise how big a job it was going to be……This stuff  has been here forever!!  The hardest part was getting rid of the Gorse which has a really good way of getting right in between the rocks and has an amazing root system…..So I’ve done my best and cut away as much of the roots as possible but Id say that there will be some growth over the coming months…..must just keep a check on it and cut away any that comes through…..might leave just a little which I can control with trimming.

Lots of heathers added to try and keep the rocks looking as natural as possible
Lots of heathers added to try and keep the rocks looking as natural as possible

I would love this part of the garden to look as natural as possible so I’ve put in loads of heathers which hopefully will look fab in a couple of years.  I’ve also added some rockery plants, some of which I have grown from seed and others I have bought as plug plants.

Looking a little bit more like a garden!
Looking a little bit more like a garden!

There is still lots to do on the land surrounding our home… fact there is a lifetime’s work out there but luckily I love gardening!!

5 thoughts on “Killurley Rockery

  1. Use them up to build a room, or a pond (koi maybe) or to build a decorative wall and grow ivy all over it. 🙂
    I think what you’re doing looks beautiful!! If nothing else, you have them around to break if you need a release. 🙂


    1. Rock Breaking sounds like a plan!! There is a lifetime of work out there but I love it……..vegetable gardening is my real passion though. Will keep you posted and…..yes….I would love a pond, although it rains so much here in southern Ireland I sometimes feel I don’t need to look at anymore water!! Thank you for following…..Stay tuned!! 🙂


  2. Reminds me of the garden I ‘grew’ on rocks in Cyprus. That huge rock on which my place was built in 1988/89 withstood the earthquake that split a neighbour’s swimming pool in half while mine remained intact, although the water looked weird sloshing around while the quake lasted.


    1. Wow that sounds scary Maureen……love Cyprus…..A lot houses here in South Kerry, Ireland are built on ‘bog’ whereas we built our home on a rock… we know it will never have any subsidence problems!!


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