What a strange day!

Hi  Guys
Well the weather is back to normal here in Co Kerry, Ireland …….rain, rain, rain and more rain……oh well watering all the rockeries and flower borders when there is no rain is a really long job…..so I’m just looking on the positive side :).
I was busy in the tunnel yesterday afternoon and managed to get another short video shot to show you how to support your indeterminate tomato plants and so in the evening I uploaded the video onto my computer to edit and publish.  It was around 10.30pm and I was chatting on face time when all of a sudden everything went off!!!!  Strange I thought but this isn’t unusual ….not here but little did i realise that this was going to be a long night……and day.  We do get power cuts now and then but power is usually restored with a couple of hours…..sometimes less.  This time……the hours went by…..I was working on my computer till it ran out of ‘juice’….so that was the end of my video editing and blog…..I waited up for awhile enjoying the silence and the beautiful glow from the candles and Tilley lamps.  A couple of hours went by and not even a ‘sizzle’ of power, so I decided to take my torch and head for the bed!
I did wake up a couple of times in the night to use the bathroom and was surprised that the power was still out…….and was still out when I rose this morning.  I did start to get a little concerned, as being a keen gardener I like to preserve as much of my produce as possible so I have a couple of very large chest freezers which are pretty full  most of the time and need electricity to run….luckily we have a small generator and some petrol in can so we managed to get power to them.
I had to go out for a while today and thought that the power was bound to be back on when I arrived back around midday……..no……it wasn’t…..but there was a field full of electricity trucks and a very big digger in the field opposite the house……2 men were working at the top of a electricity pole in the pouring rain and another couple were working on the ground using the digger……I could see this was a big job and felt sorry for the poor guys working in such awful weather.  Apparently the pole was rotten and had fallen……that would be the RAIN!!  Finally the power came back on around 3 this afternoon by which time I was busy back in my tunnels digging.
What I did get from those 16 hours without electricity is Imagehow much we rely on and take for granted this power that controls our world….I felt lost…..my computer, ipad and phone were all out of ‘juice’…..quite sad really that we live in such a materialistic world of electronics etc and feel like we’ve lost our right arm when we can’t use them.
So after all that excitement I will blog tomorrow, upload a video or 2 and to those of you who have sent questions, my apologies but hope to answer them tomorrow.
Good Night
From the brightly lit home of Eve

7 thoughts on “What a strange day!

  1. So glad you found my blog, Eve. It’s nice to see your work here. Isn’t it incredible that in a lifetime we have moved from self sufficiency to total dependance on electricity? I never believed I would be so dependent, she who was raised with a well and outhouse and no phone nor TV! I am still amazed and amused by hot water running from the tap LOL


    1. Mary Beth…..We get our water from a well as well!! It is sad that we all rely on modern technology etc and our dependence on electricity is so big……I think maybe we would be better off if it reversed itself and people cared about what is really important in life! Thank you for following. Eve


  2. I appreciate the post, but I’m a little distracted by the VIEW! Wow, how GREEN! Sorry, I live in the desert. It was 112 degrees yesterday. When we lose power here, people literally die from the heat… actually, even when we don’t lose power, people still die from the heat. Of course that means it is mainly brown. Lots and lots of water to get ANYTHING to be green… I like green…. Great blog, I’m enjoying it.


  3. Q – Lovely picture! Rain, that’s why Ireland is so green and San Diego is so brown. 😎 In the last two years our power here went out three times for quite a few hours and we’re in the city. When a car ran into a transformer, it was out for over 12 hours. Imagine a 100 mile long stretch of cities totally black. Very weird experience. We actually had to drive up to Los Angles for the night so we could have light. It was right after my husband’s accident and he was in a wheelchair so I couldn’t be bumping around in the dark to try and help him.


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