How To Support/Stake Your Tomato Plants

It is very important to support your indeterminate tomato plants because they will grow tall and without support will fall over and any fruits growing will be more prone to disease from the damp soil. The easiest way to support or stake your plant is to use bamboo canes, string or even a fruit cage. This video shows you how easy it is to stake your tomato plants in order for you to have strong healthy plants that are easily managed.

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9 thoughts on “How To Support/Stake Your Tomato Plants

  1. good advice – I’m inter-planting my toms in the greenhouse with marigolds, basil and a couple of Borage plants. Didn’t realise how big Borage plants can grow in the warm…!
    I use grow toms up strings but i’ve found previously that the string is either too lose or gets to tight when the plants have been twisted around it a few times so this year i’m using and adaptation which I invented (I think) which is to tie a slip knot in the end of the string, put it over the bar then put the loose end through the knot and tighten the slip knot then tie end of string around tom plant.
    This gives you an adjustable tension string and as the plant grows you can slacken the string by sliding the knot up to make winding around growing easier then tighten easily again by sliding the knot down. It works a treat.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My gardening attempts seem feeble compared to you!
    Since I sew, I save stretchy fabric scraps to use to tie up any plants. They ‘give’ as the crop ripens & gets heavier. Works as a conversation starter too, as my plants are all decked out in bits of color from the fabric!


  3. I just looked out the window to my kitchen garden and see one of my indeterminate heirlooms without a cage…Hmmm! I thought they were all caged 🙂 It must have been near dark and got missed.
    I am enjoying your informative posts and your lovely garden photos. I think that gardening is one of the most rewarding things to do ever!
    Also, I am glad you stopped by to say ‘Hello”!


  4. Thanks for having liked and following my blog! I had a look at your blog, and there’s a wealth of gardening information that I need very much! It would be my pleasure to follow such an interesting writer as you! 🙂 Warm wishes!


  5. Hi,
    I just watched your video and loved it. I’m planning on staking my tomatoes using bamboos. Can you tell me more about that “magic tape”? Is it easy to find? Is there any specific brand? Thanks


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