Flaming June!!!

Hi Guys

The month of June is often referred to as ‘FLAMING JUNE’….I am quite happy to give it the name ‘flaming’ but not because the sun is shining……..oh no……we had a week of sunshine at the beginning of June and I think that was our summer over :(……since then we have  had more rain than any gardener would know what to do with.  Since moving here to Co Kerry in Ireland I have found out where the expression ‘Bucketing Down’ came from……HERE.  Anyways thats enough complaining about the crazy weather that we seem to be suffering all around the world….I think its Mother Natures way of getting back at us for destroying her beautiful planet.  On a serious note….it is quite frightening what is going on with the weather patterns….Rant finished…Honest!!

Luckily for me I do most of my gardening under cover 🙂

Well its been another very busy few days in the tunnels.  My apologies for not putting ‘fingers to the buttons’ for a couple of days………..there is definitely not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done in the tunnels at this time of year.  Im not complaining…..it is my passion…..my hobby…….and MY SANITY 😉  I find that all the other everyday ‘chores’ that I have as a mother, wife, housewife, cleaner, dog walker, cook and chief bottle washer are the things that I don’t have time for and wish I could put on hold while I get on with growing my veggies……Don’t get me wrong……I love my family and they come before ANYTHING else….. even the gardening!!

I cleared a few of the raised beds in the big tunnel ready for new crops to go in.

Where the potatoes were growing, I dug over the bed and added lots of organic compost and we…..well my lovely hubby and I put up a trellis for the cucumbers and the squash plants to grow up.  I know it looks big….well it is quite large…..I have recycled one of the fences that I used for my hens pen (that’s a story for another day…hens, that is!!)  It fits perfectly into the raised be and we have tied it to the crop bars so that it stays in place.


The reason for using a trellis is so that I can use the rest of the raised bed for growing other veggies such as celery, lettuce and rocket which are quite happy to have a little shade which they will get from the cucumbers and squashes as they grow.

These are just SOME of the cucumbers which I have planted!

The Cherry Tomato hanging baskets are finally hanging up…..I put them into the new larger tunnel as we still haven’t had a chance to change the cover in the old one……and we have tomatoes…..they look like little green peas at the moment but hopefully they will be my little red cherry toms in no time at all.


The sweetcorn is looking good now along with the courgettes/zucchini and the beans (which have yet to appear). Image

I have nearly cleared the rest of the parsnip bed ready to plant another batch of parsnips and some carrots.  The parsnips (tender and true) are doing extremely well and looks so healthy…..must thin them out soon but I try and wait so that we can use them for dinner!Image

The salad leaves, rocket and mustard are doing really really well…..luckily we love salad and just like tomatoes…….the flavour is amazing and the variety that you can grow yourself you could never buy in the shops!Image


I have also been very busy doing a couple of videos on how to grow your cucumbers and squashes up a trellis and another on growing corn, courgettes/zucchini and peppers. I will edit these and upload in the next few days along with a blog to explain the videos in more detail.

OK must head back out to the tunnels and get muddy!!

Thanks for following and Happy Gardening


5 thoughts on “Flaming June!!!

  1. Your tunnel garden looks great! I know what you mean about your tomatoes; mine too are small but growing each day to the appropriate grape tomato size; now just waiting for them to get red! I have small tiny cucumbers on my cucumber plants and I am training the plants to grow along the top of my deck railing – so far so good with a bit of string to coax them. Can’t wait to eat fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans!
    It will be interesting to keep watching your garden grow too!


  2. Thanks for visiting and following- I’m so glad to have found you! Your tunnel gardens are just lovely. I’m over in Southeast Texas where it’s “flaming” as soon as you step outdoors most of the time!


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