And So The Harvest Begins….Again

Strawberry Fields Forever!
Picked some more juicy strawberries today….they were my starter….didn’t get past the draining board after washing 😉

Hi Guys Just thought I would share some photos of today’s harvest with you.  I love salad and grow LOADS of it.  Once again, you cant buy this is the shops, it is so tasty and the different colours look amazing on the plate.  I grow over 25 different varieties of salad leaves which look and taste soooo good. I could live on salad….sounds healthy doesn’t it but my problem is I like all the naughty saucy stuff that goes with it too 🙂

I will give you all the details of the salad leaves that I am growing in a future blog along with lots of other yummy salad plate goodies, including edible flowers that you can grow alongside your veggies as companion plants and look fantastic on the plate!

My big bowl of 'Rabbit Food' yum :)
My big bowl of ‘Rabbit Food’ yum 🙂
This is a really tasty mix of oriental mustard, Garden Cress, Arugula, RocketP1010450 and Japanese Greens
This is Oriental Mustard salad. Its a really nice mix of spicy salad leaves!
This is Oriental Mustard salad. Its a really nice mix of spicy salad leaves!

9 thoughts on “And So The Harvest Begins….Again

  1. YUM!! Wow what a wonderful productive garden you have 🙂 I have been inspired to go and find some more leafy varieties for my up and coming garden!
    Keep the pictures coming 🙂
    mmmmm….naughty saucy stuff!!


  2. They look Yummy! Strawberries are great for adding something sweet to your salad. I like just a tad of raspberry vinagrette on mine. I also like to grow lettuce, but it is a little to warm for it here now, unless I find a nice shady spot.


  3. I really love the way you named your food.. Rabbit Food is simply awesome to eat..

    I wonder if you have the entire recipe available with you as I would like to create a blog post for that.


    1. Hi Phillip. Glad you thought ‘rabbit food’ was a good name for my salad. It is a mix a leaves including mustard, rocket, spinach, watercress, greek cress and various lettuce leaves. I serve it with a nice drizzle of olive oil and balsamic. Thanks for your interest


    1. Hi there..the weather here in Southern Ireland is usually very cool although the poly tunnels do get very warm.. I have on many occasions had salad bolt but I think if you can shade the area a little and keep the lettuce very moist it’s ok, also try and go for salad that is slow to bolt.. Thank you for following and happy gardening. Eve


    1. Wow hello from the other side of the world Ireland. I bet growing veg is a different over in Japan and the variety also very different. Would love to hear what you grow. Thanks for following. Eve


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