Happiness Is To Hold Flowers In Both Hands

This is how the rockery looked in June 2013

Hi Guys

Well its been another great day today, lots happening. Managed to do a small bit of weeding but there is still loads….and I mean loads to do.

I thought I would just give you a quick update on the rockery that I planted up a couple of months ago.  It is not easy when you live at the foothill of  a mountain. Most of the land around our home is solid rock, so having a garden with flower borders was a bit of a challenge which I rose to and as you will see from the photos I have managed to add some real colour to what was already beautiful scenery.

This is how the rockery looks now in August 2013 🙂
Bees are the most important part of my garden. Here is one working hard buzzing around doing its job 🙂
The buddleia plays a really important part in our garden attracting bees and these beautiful peacock butterflies 🙂
This beautiful dahlia was grown from seeds collected from last years blooms!


Creating a flower rockery/border like this takes a lot of effort and an amazing amount of flowers, so I do try and save the seeds from the dahlias and the french marigolds each year.  Stay tuned to my blog and I will show you how to save your flower seeds and how to sow and grow them next year.

Happy Gardening


15 thoughts on “Happiness Is To Hold Flowers In Both Hands

  1. Your rockery is beautiful! It does take a lot of time and effort to do but the result is well worth it – as can be seen here. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos as well! 🙂 x


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the variety of colors! It all looks wonderful against the rocks. Obviously a ton of work, but so worth it to have a view like that! 🙂


  3. The beauty belies the hard work that went into the planning and setting up. The astounding display more than justifies your hard work. Thank you for sharing the results in such stunning pictures.


  4. What a spectacular result from all that hard work. Way to go! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos and all the steps along the way. You are an inspiration! Cheers, Gina


  5. Wow! Eve – how beautiful your garden is! I’m interested to read how you save your seed- especially Dahlias. We planted several in various pots on our deck with great success but I would love to start some from seed in our vegetable garden. Thanks for all the lovely pictures, I will be looking at them often 🙂
    God bless you, Susie


  6. When my sister was married last year, I took the roses from her bouquet and rooted them by cutting off the heads, making a clean cut on the bottoms dipping the fresh-cut bottoms in rooting hormone, and putting them in a pot that was half Perlite and half soil.The garden designer must have hands-on experience of garden. An experienced garden designer must have any sound understanding within growing plants to show the above images overall superb!!!!!!!!


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