Strawberry Fields Forever!

photo 2Hi Guys

Busy day again today and so much to ‘show and tell’ but too tired so I will just show you a few photos of my yummy strawberries which I picked yesterday 🙂

photo 1 (1)

Over 1kg of strawberries picked today :)
Over 1kg of strawberries picked today 🙂

photo 4









I spent most of today potting on my chili and bell pepper plants which I will give you more information on tomorrow.  Also made a small video on how to do this so stayed tuned 🙂

Good Night Guys and Happy Gardening

Take Care



5 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields Forever!

  1. Hi Eve, love the blog. I have noticed that you have straw between you strawberries. This might be a daft question bearing in mind their name! but I have read about using straw, what does it do to help the S/Berry?


  2. They look great!
    Strawberries are on our grow list for next year.
    We have to wait til the addition to the house is done, but seeing them. it’s hard not to say, “Well…maybe…?” LOL


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