Some Like It Hot…..How To Grow Chillies and Peppers

Here is the long awaited video on how to plant on your pepper/chilli plants. Its not the best video and apologies for my squinting but the sun was shinning and I wasn’t complaining 🙂

I will give you detailed instructions on how to grow chilli and peppers from seed in my next blog….promise:)

Thanks for watching and Happy gardening

Take Care


6 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot…..How To Grow Chillies and Peppers

    1. Hi there, the problem with growing tomatoes and peppers together is that they are closely relatad and will attract the same bugs and pests.They also have a big root system and if planted together in a container they might struggle for space so i would recommend a large container. I know of gardeners that have grown these two plants close together and don’t seem to have had any problems. I have never tried but if you do grow them together I would be really interested on your results. Thanks for tuning in and Happy Gardening



  1. Hi eve have successfully grown chillies for the first time this year lots of varieties but was told to keep them in small pots. can you tell me or show via video how to pinch out the tops.


    1. Hi Paula
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have had technical problems with my camera and eventually had to invest in a new one. I will hopefully in the next few days show you how to pinch out the tops of your pepper plants. Eve


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