Eve's Leaves!!
Eve’s Leaves!!

Hi there!

Welcome to my gardening and cooking blog.

This is my 1st blog so bear with me!  What I hope to do over the coming weeks, months and maybe even years is to share my gardening experiences with you…..good and bad.

I have been gardening for almost 25 years although I hadn’t got a clue when I started, in fact it was dangerous for me to go into the garden to do anything…..I didn’t know a flower from a weed!!

Luckily I have come on a long way from that and I am now proud to say…..I do know my flowers….and vegetables from the weeds!

It’s now spring, although it doesn’t feel like it with all this strange weather we are having But it’s time to really start planning and planting  in the garden and the poly tunnel.

I have done a little video of  my poly tunnel…..not very professional but it’s also my 1st video so hopefully it will get better as the weeks and months go on….so once again bear with me.
Looking forward to writing my blogs and helping you guys to SOW, GROW, PROPAGATE, PRESERVE AND COOK lots of yummy vegetables and meals

4 thoughts on “WELCOME TO EVE’S GARDEN!

  1. So excited. Roll on the gardening tips. I always remember you telling me to make sure and pinch out the “armpits” on the tomatoes. Works every year!


  2. Hi YVONNE
    I watched you video about supporting tomatoes and tying them up ,I liked the idea of using velcro tape but what you failed to say is were you got the tape from so can you please let me know.
    kind regards


    1. Hi Kevin

      I’m not sure which part of the world you live in but you can buy it in any good garden center in the UK and Ireland. Alternatively you can find it on Amazon in the garden and outdoor section. Just search for Velcro Plant ties.

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks for watching my video

      Happy Gardening


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