SPRING HARVEST TIME……Well everyday is harvest day!!

Well its been another fun day in the tunnel with lots of weeding….not easy when you have lots of onions to weed around.  Left it a little bit too long so it was quite a task.  I also tried to loosen the soil around the bulbs of the onions as they are all in the new tunnel and the soil I used to fill the planter was a bit too heavy (clay).  Along with that I over watered them in the past so there were a few bulbs that actually had rotted.  The green stems are very healthy looking but the bulbs are quite small….we will have to wait and see if today’s job worked….nothing to loose really!!

Also I picked some really lovely yummy veg including mega big cauliflowers…1 weighing 6lb and the other 5!  Also picked some bright colours chard,  some lovely tender purple broccoli spears, some cabbage and a mix of salad leaves including the fresh watercress which i am growing in my mountain stream!

Look what I found in the tunnel!!
What a Whopper…..this cauliflower weighed in at 6lb!

Tomorrow will be another busy day as we have alot of potting on to do, including leeks and onions, so tune in and I hopefully will have some photos and info on how to do that job!

2 thoughts on “SPRING HARVEST TIME……Well everyday is harvest day!!

  1. Hi Hun, settling up a raised bed tomorrow for my veg seedlings. I have a permanent raised bed for flowers but need one for veg that I can dismantle during the winter. Any ideas where I should start?


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