Juicy Cherry Tomatoes Are So Easy To Grow – Honest!

Do you enjoy eating those little cherry tomatoes……I do and eat them like sweets (much healthier)!!

These juicy cherry tomatoes are so easy to grow if you follow these simple instructions:

First thing we need is a hanging basket….any old hanging basket will do.  I use old rusty hanging baskets that I used to have flowers in but are now too tatty to have on display in my garden for the whole world to see!!

The liner can be made from the plastic bag that the compost came in, although you can buy a hanging basket liner but they can be expensive and that defeats the object of growing your own to save money as well as eating healthily.

Place the hanging basket upside down on the plastic bag and cut a circle about 50% larger than the diameter of the basket using a sharp knife. If you are going to plant more than 1 tomato then just place a few plastic bags on top of each other so that you only need to cut once!!


Once you have your circle of plastic, pop it into the hanging basket with the black part on the outside.  I think this looks better to look at than the side with writing etc on.

Fill the basket with compost (grow bag) almost to the top.  Make a large well (hole) in the centre of the compost and add a sprinkling of crushed egg shells (calcium) and a small teaspoon of Epsom Salts (magnesium).  This is not essential but something that I do.


Carefully take the cherry tomato plant out of its pot and remove any discoloured leaves from the bottom.  As most cherry tomato plants are determinate, there is no need to remove too many leaves as they plant will grow out into a bush rather than up.

Place the tomato plant into the planting hole and firm the compost around the plant.  Don’t forget your label so you know what type of tomato you are growing.Image


I will give you more information about the ‘dos and donts’ of growing tomatoes and what can go wrong….which sometimes happens to the best of us…..including ME!!  (thats why I have the photos!!)

Cherry Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets And Containers
Cant wait for my sweets to be ready to eat!!!


5 thoughts on “Juicy Cherry Tomatoes Are So Easy To Grow – Honest!

    1. Hi there.
      I grow many many types of tomatoes from cherry to super big beef steak toms. This year I’ve planted about 150 tomato plants in 1 of my tunnels. The only tomatoes I grow in hanging baskets would be the determinate bush cherry toms such as balconi red and vilma. These don’t grow really big so there is plenty of room for them in the basket. I wouldn’t recommend growing the larger indeterminate varieties in hanging baskets as they would be far too big. These are grown in my raised beds in my poly tunnels. If you look through my previous blogs I have a video on how to plant into the ground. I will blog a little more about feeding and side shooting (pinching out) in the next few days. Please feel free to ask any more questions. Thanks for following


      1. Thanks so much! I have a rather large perennial garden but am new-ish to veggies….lots of critters around and hard to win the war! lol
        Thanks for the tips…I’ll keep checking back~


  1. Thank you Maureen. I have been photographing everything I do for a year now so that I always can put pictures with my words. I sometimes think pictures speak louder than words!! Thank you for following and hope that future blogs will keep you interested….and maybe busy in the garden….and the kitchen!!! 🙂


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